Counter Strikes Martial Arts

Being an Instructor

The Black Belt Instructors have years of experience. When they are Promoted to blue belt, student teaching becomes a requirement. Practicing the technique as well as teaching makes them more proficient in their skills.

It is not a given that my students will automatically become a lead instructor. Some students simply lack a desire to teach, which is certainly acceptable, while other students decide to continue to teach after their teaching requirements are fulfilled. I make certain that my lead instructors are not only competent in their skills, but also desire to be teaching.

I have an incredible amount of experience in "Training the Trainer" courses and I am constantly teaching future instructors in Law Enforcement. I have attended training in which the instructor was incredible at their skill, but a terrible teacher. It takes more than a one week class or certificate on the wall to be a credible instructor. It takes years to become truly accomplished.

Any immense amount of time, research, sports science, lesson plan and teaching methodology go into my classes. If you should ever have a question or wonder why a technique or program is taught, please feel free to contact me.